• Registration Form 2016

  • Person to contact in case of emergency : Spouse / Parent /etc

  • Is there any important information that you wish to communicate ? Do you have special dietary requirements? Are you receiving any medical treatments that we should know about ? Are you allergic to any type of food ? Are you allergic to animals (we have a small dog and two cats) ? If yes please specify :

    (The duration of your course is up to you : one, two or three weeks. The training courses are very intensive, they cannot exceed three weeks)
  • Once we have received your registration form, we will e-mail or send by post a confirmation Order Form with our bank details. Please return a copy of this order to us, signed for approval and confirmation of your deposit by bank transfer (350 € for a week course or 600 € for an course of two or three weeks). YOUR REGISTRATION IS VALID AS SOON AS WE RECEIVE THE DEPOSIT AND SIGNED COPY OF THE ORDER FORM. The balance must be paid one month before the course begins (If you sign up one month before the course, the entire course must be paid for upon receipt of confirmation).